Bronze: Domestic Installer Course

This 4 course will train you to be a qualified Domestic Electrical Installer. With this set of qualifications and skills you can be confident you will be fully equipped to satisfy the new updated Building control regulations, legally requiring all installers to be competent and have the relevant qualifications in installing, testing and inspecting their installations to allow you to undertake notifiable and non notifiable work for your customers or your company.

If you’re new to electrics and want to gain the qualifications quickly and intensively, then this is the entry level course that is appropriate for you.

Once you have completed this course you will have the skills, knowledge and qualifications to enable you to find employment or work on a self employed basis as a domestic electrical installer. In fact the majority of people who train on this course go on to set up as self employed domestic electricians.

This course will enable to register on the ELECSA domestic persons scheme and self certify your work. Alternatively you can complete an installer’s Part P certificate for building control for notifiable work. Building Control will take your competency and qualifications into account when certifying your installation.

It will also enable you to undertake and recognise the new 2013 expanded criteria of non notifiable work that you will be able to undertake both competently and safely. It is also an entry course to becoming a qualified supervisor if you are an adult learner where a degree of knowledge and experience in domestic work is required prior to taking the Qualified Supervisors qualification.

When completing this course you will achieve the following 4 qualifications:

City & Guilds 4141-01 – Electrical Installation Work within a Domestic Dwelling

City & Guilds 2393 – Part P Building Regulations

City & Guilds 2382-12 – 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (Including latest amendments)

City & guilds 2392-10 – Inspection & Testing Course

Throughout the course you will learn the following Core Competencies:

Practical Skills in Domestic Installation

Throughout the course you will learn a range of practical skills to enable you to work as a domestic installer. You will be assigned your own consumer unit and from there build lighting circuits, socket outlet circuits, cooker & shower circuits and much more. You will also learn the essentials of earthing and bonding as well as how to correctly use the tools of the trade.

You will also learn installation theory covering aspects such as cable sizing and selecting the right cables types to do the job at hand. During the course you will be assigned your own workspace and build all the key circuits listed above. You will then be required to build this from scratch as part of your final assessments.

Wiring and Building Regulations

You will start to learn about the regulations in week 1 of the course whilst doing practical installations, however in later weeks we will go into much greater detail. When it comes to learning about building and wiring regulations you will often find there are lots of overlaps and similar topics so our blended learning technique is ideal for you to absorb the right information at the right time without lots of repetition. After completing the course you will have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to enable you to competently install your domestic electrical work, compliant with Part P of the Building Regulations as well as the latest 17th edition wiring regulations.  Every practicing electrician must have their wiring regs certificate (17th Edition).

Inspection & Testing Skills

Inspection and Testing is an essential skill for every electrical installer and it is focussed on teaching you the processes, procedures, and practicalities of ensuring the installations you complete are functioning correctly and safe for use. Throughout the course you will learn the hands on skills and the theory behind it to ensure that you are competent to inspect and test your own installations.

Exams and Assessments

The majority of the exams and assessments will take place in the final week of the course. This will allow you to utilise all of the skills and knowledge gained on the course greatly increasing your chances of passing first time.


Start Dates: Please call 0208 507 7288 or email for dates
Course  & Qualification: Domestic Installer Course (Bronze)
Duration: 4 Weeks
Price: £2245.00


On completion of the course we follow up with our students on their next step. Our dedicated career advisors go through all the options that are available to the individual candidate for career development. We assess and help to identify further training needs if relevant or assist them to find work. Our next step activities include but are not limited to;

  • Help with writing their CV
  • Interviewing tips and practice
  • Training candidates on how to use electronic media for work search activities
  • Referrals and Introductions to partner and associate companies for work trails, apprenticeships and employment
  • Identifying and enrolling candidates on relevant courses top further improve employability skills
  • Providing free introduction courses to building enterprises and setting up small businesses
  • Introducing relevant candidates to partner and associate companies for further enterprise assistance and funding

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