Information Technology

The IT industry will continue to grow at a fast pace. As such, employment opportunities will increase and proliferate at all levels and throughout different occupational profiles. Employment in the IT industry is expected to grow at 2.19% per annum between 2010 and 2019, almost 5 times faster than the predicted average growth for the UK.

Research forecasts very positive trends for this sector and  LCTVE are providing a wide range of IT courses to help individual s who have no experience to those who are updating their technical skills and qualifications.

Access To Higher National Diploma in Computing

Interactive Media Level 1

 Diploma for IT Users Level 1

Information and Creative Technology Level 2

ICT Level 2

Subsidiary/Extended Diploma in IT Level 2

Doing Business On-line (E-Commerce)

ITQ for IT users Level 3

Higher National Diploma in Computing

 Information and Creative Technology Level 2

Microsoft Office 2012 Word, Excel and PowerPoint Level 2

Social Media Level 2

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