IT skills for the office

This course creates the foundation for a successful office career by obtaining the right skills needed to work in today’s office environment. This course will help you gain new skills and confidence, higher earning potential and enhance your CV for the right job.Skills for the Office covers four applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.Microsoft WordThis will cover how to insert, modify, move and format text. Discover paragraph formatting, as well as bulleting and tabs. Study headers, footers, column settings and tables. Explore how to print documents, envelopes and labels and how to create documents from templates, and working with graphics.

Microsoft Excel

Explore how to enter and edit data in cells and how to use AutoFill. Learn how to create workbooks, apply styles, work with formulas and functions, and how to create and modify charts and graphics.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Learn how to create presentations both manually and from automated tools, and how to import text from Word and charts from Excel. Explore how to add tables and graphics to slides. Discover the application of animation, slide transitions and the formatting of presentations and individual slides.

Microsoft Outlook

Explore how to read, send and respond to e-mails. Learn how to attach files to emails and how to create a personal signature. Discover e-mail organizing and the creation and editing of contacts. Examine how to accept decline and delegate tasks, create and modify appointments, meetings and events, notes etc.

All four courses will cover the following:

  • Editing Your Work / Preparing Reports / Inserting Data Files / Setting Up Spreadsheets
  • Typing and formatting Letters / Performing Calculations / Setting Up Charts
  • Creating Presentations / Using Animation / Producing Diagrams Setting Up Pages
  • Using The Toolbars / Customizing Spreadsheets /Using Formulas And Functions
  • Working with Graphs & Charts /Applying Design / Using Graphics & Artworks
  • Designing Slides /Managing Emails and Appointments etc
Start Dates: Please call 0208 507 7288 or email for dates
Course  & Qualification: IT skills for office
Duration: Day


On completion of the course we follow up with our students on their next step. Our dedicated career advisors go through all the options that are available to the individual candidate for career development. We assess and help to identify further training needs if relevant or assist them to find work. Our next step activities include but are not limited to;

  • Help with writing their CV
  • Interviewing tips and practice
  • Training candidates on how to use electronic media for work search activities
  • Referrals and Introductions to partner and associate companies for work trails, apprenticeships and employment
  • Identifying and enrolling candidates on relevant courses top further improve employability skills
  • Providing free introduction courses to building enterprises and setting up small businesses
  • Introducing relevant candidates to partner and associate companies for further enterprise assistance and funding


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