Life in the UK Preparation Test

‘The Act of 2002…requires United Kingdom residents seeking British citizenship be tested to show “a sufficient knowledge of English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic” and also “a sufficient knowledge about life in the United Kingdom”’.  The course helps prospective candidates to understand the above criteria using the government recommended book: Life in the United Kingdom – A Journey to Citizenship.  There are other study guides on the market that candidates may purchase too, however, The Life in the United Kingdom – A Journey to Citizenship is sold in all reputable book stores. Classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere taking into consideration people who find it hard to study on their own.


Classes focus on Chapters 2 to 6 of the above-mentioned publication.  Topics covered are: A Changing Society, UK Today: A profile, How the United Kingdom is Governed, Everyday Needs and Employment.  It also includes themes on Religion, Regional Differences, Customs and Traditions, Ethnic Differences and the Changing Role of Women

Entry requirements:

English Language Assessment to test the candidate’s fluency in English (must be ESOL Entry 3 Level or above).  This means that candidate must be able to hold conversations on an unexpected topic’ and able to read and understand English.

Method of Assessment:

Mock exams after course.  We highly recommend that candidates take this intensive course prior to booking their On-line test.  The tests are conducted at government test centres of their own choice.


Not applicable. Students must book and take their test at designated government test centres.

Start Dates: Please call 0208 507 7288 or email for dates
Course  & Qualification: Life in the UK Preparation test 
Duration: 4 Day
Price: £240


On completion of the course we follow up with our students on their next step. Our dedicated career advisors go through all the options that are available to the individual candidate for career development. We assess and help to identify further training needs if relevant or assist them to find work. Our next step activities include but are not limited to;

  • Help with writing their CV
  • Interviewing tips and practice
  • Training candidates on how to use electronic media for work search activities
  • Referrals and Introductions to partner and associate companies for work trails, apprenticeships and employment
  • Identifying and enrolling candidates on relevant courses top further improve employability skills
  • Providing free introduction courses to building enterprises and setting up small businesses
  • Introducing relevant candidates to partner and associate companies for further enterprise assistance and funding

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