Plagiarism & Cheating Policy

LCTVE management and staff are committed to identifying all Plagiarism and Cheating by students undertaking any of its assessment events and applying corrective actions to prevent Cheating or Plagiarism contributing to a competency score. All students will be informed of the penalties associated with Cheating or Plagiarism prior to and following their enrolment.



Plagiarism is a type of cheating which involves the use of published or unpublished works of others and misrepresenting the material as one’s own work.


Cheating is the practice of deceptive acts for the purpose of obtaining competency result in any assessment event. Cheating includes assisting another student to deceptively obtain a competency result.

Plagiarism and Cheating Prevention Procedure

All students will be advised of the definitions and penalties of Plagiarism and Cheating prior to enrolment through pre enrolment information. The LCTVE Orientation or Pre-Assessment Briefing will contain advise on plagiarism avoidance such as:

- Source Quotation Techniques
– Bibliography Techniques

All LCTVE training and assessment staff will maintain a vigilance in all assessment events against any form of plagiarism or cheating

Plagiarism and Cheating Penalty Procedure

• Students Identified as engaging in any actual or suspected form of activity in Plagiarism or Cheating in any assessment event must be reported to the Training Manager immediately following the discovery of the action.

• Evidence of the activity should be reported in writing and contain a detailed account of the event or actual documented evidence of the action and be submitted to LCTVE Management by the Training Manager immediately following the receipt of the trainers report.

• On the receipt of the written report detailing Plagiarism or Cheating, LCTVE management will seek an Interview with the student or students involved in the allegation of Plagiarism or Cheating.

• The student interview should be utilised to advise the student or students of the allegation and of their right to state their account of the alleged offense.

• In the case of a student denying their involvement in Plagiarism or Cheating, LCTVE management will delay any further action until the allegation is further reviewed and evidence examined.

• Where the allegation cannot be substantiated by reasonable evidence, the students assessment outcome will be upheld.

• Where the allegation is authenticated by the evidence presented the student assessment outcome will be cancelled and the student provided with an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and own up to the offense. The CEO shall apply their own discretion as to whether the students enrolment should be cancelled.

• Where the allegation is authenticated and the student refuses to admit their wrongdoing, the assessment outcome will be cancelled. The CEO shall apply their own discretion as to whether the students enrolment should be cancelled and a statement of attainment issued for all units of competency previously gained.

• All student interview outcomes will be recorded in writing and placed on the students file.

• Should a student decide to appeal the outcome the students enrolment shall be maintained during the period of the appeal and only cancelled where the students appeal has been decided in favour of the decision to cancel the students enrolment by an independent adjudicator.

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